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Our Story

Isabel Diefenbach


Hi, I'm Isabel - founder, designer and the face behind Bella's Charcuterie & Co
A passion for hosting and food presentation brought Bella's to life! 
I knew I had to share my expertise and art of grazing with others, and my goal is to provide you with a unique and gourmet experience! 

​As a thriving business, there's nothing like knowing that my creations have been part of major celebrations and special moments, and for that I am very grateful.

I care about my clients. I emphasize details and product quality. And every charcuterie board is designed with the utmost love and dedication. Food as art. That's my business.
When I’m not designing beautiful charcuteries I’m a busy mom to my two gems, a wife and also lead a corporate career. 

I’m also a cosmopolitan gal, UCLA grad, speak 4 languages, beach lover, travel infatuated and passionate about living life in the present moment! 

​Thanks for stopping by!


In my favorite place in the world: Italy!

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